What’s the Buzz: Kombucha

To some it is a magical healing elixir pumped full of health benefits and fizzy goodness. To others, the appeal of the drink is just that it tastes good. So what even is kombucha and is it really all that great for you? 

What Is It?

Kombucha tea is a fermented, sweetened black or green tea that dates back thousands of years to ancient China where it was commonly consumed to remedy inflammatory ailments. In recent years it has become a big health trend, said to help with a wide variety of health issues. It is made from a bacterial culture called a “scoby”, that actually helps create probiotics and enzymes.

Why Drink It?

You may have seen people drinking kombucha before and questioned why they were drinking such an odd sounding beverage. The most common reason people drink it is for the health benefits. These are the most popular benefits:

  1. The probiotics in kombucha are good for your gut health, lowering cholesterol, and support a stronger immune system
  2. It has cleansing and detoxification properties
  3. Kombucha contains glucosamine which are really good for your overall joint health
  4. The probiotics and enzymes it’s packed with help to naturally support digestion
  5. It has been said to increase energy

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 9.13.42 PM.pngAs you have seen in the list, the main pull to kombucha and other fermented, probiotic foods (ex. kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt) is that they are widely known to heal the gut and aid in inflammation & digestion. People who struggle with gluten intolerance or any auto immune disease will often be recommended by doctors to focus on healing their gut and consuming gut friendly foods such as kombucha to help reduce their symptoms. But outside of that, if you look at the average American diet, we all could greatly benefit from focusing more on our gut health as many common health issues stem from an unhealthy gut.

Outside of the general health benefits, kombucha tastes good and is a great, healthier alternative to soda or sugary juices if you still want to enjoy a sweetened and  fizzy beverage.

Where Can I Find It?

Pretty much every grocery store I have been to in the U.S. recently carries multiple brands of kombucha in the refrigerated section.Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 6.13.32 PM.png

There are tons of different brands some of the most popular being – GT’s, Kevita, Health Aid, Humm and here in Texas, the local (& my favorite!!) Holy Kombucha. My favorite flavors in the Holy Kombucha brand that I recommend trying if you get the chance are pictured at the top! (Corazon, Amazing Blues & Texas Pear).

Happy kombucha drinking, until next time..




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