So long, farewell, I hate to say goodbye..

Well I’m back again my beautiful readers. No, I have not forgotten about you. I have just been a little bit overwhelmed/ lazy lately and hadn’t made the time to put a whole bunch of my thoughts into a blog. But alas, I am back!

So much has happened since I last posted but I will just bullet point a few of the bigger things.

  • We took a retreat weekend to Jersey Shore. It was so much fun and really dug deep into who we are and who each other are. Great bonding & beach time!
  • I moved host families due to some complications. This was a hard decision to have to make but it is definitely best for me and for my host family! I am still on very good terms with my old host family and love them and their kids. I know God put me with them those first months for a reason and I am thankful for how we have impacted each other’s lives forever.
  • I am now living with an older Irish-Catholic woman named Mary Ellen along with 2 other gap year students (Rachel & Ellie), and it has been fun to have some roommates and spend more time with them. Mary Ellen makes some fabulous chicken noodle soup, so I am a big fan of her!!
  • SEPTA went on strike over wages and pension a few weeks ago and all of Philly was crippled. Luckily the strike only lasted a week, but it was interesting to experience.
  • Donald Trump was elected president! Oh the controversy and tension around the world with this one haha, I think I will share my thoughts on the election later. For now I will leave it at that.
  • We took a group trip to Washington D.C. and had a blast. This was my first time being there so we hit up all the museums and monuments. Seeing that our visit fell the weekend after election it was also a very interesting time to be there. Getting away, enjoying good food and exploring the city was great.
  • I went home for a week for Thanksgiving break. 2 days in Dallas, 2 days at our lake house and 2 days back in Oxford at Ole Miss for the Egg Bowl. It was so fun seeing everyone but went by super quick.

And now I am here. Current time. Thursday December 1st.

I just finished the last day at my internship and it was all a bit bitter sweet. I have grown and changed so much these past months, learning about myself, my flaws and failures and my talents. So many amazing memories, long hours and relationships that will shape the person I am becoming. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity I did to work this internship and I hope I get the chance to come back and visit or volunteer there again later on in life.

I will miss the refugees I have worked with over the past months and the case workers we came along side, but I am looking so forward to the rest of my year. I will attach some pictures at the bottom of some of my favorite internship & Philadelphia memories.

After Christmas break our next stop is the Middle East (Jordan, Israel, Palestine). So be looking out for blogs from there starting in January.

I will leave you with a few BIG THOUGHTS I have from this semester:

People and relationships matter far more than material things, no matter who they are, they always will.

Allow yourself to be uncomfortable and stand outside of your circle sometime – it is here you will grow

Don’t lose sight of all that you have to be thankful for in your life, you are so blessed.

Never hold yourself back from trying something, doing something or saying something for fear of failure, everyone must fail before they succeed

Stand up for what you believe in even if you are going against the grain. It is important to stay true to yourself.

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” James 1:22





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