Diary of a New “Mom”

I am not a teen mom.

But most days here I tend to feel a bit like one.

Don’t get me wrong I babysat plenty throughout junior high and high school and have a huge heart for children, but I have never really lived with kids so young, 24/7 in my life. And it is a whole new sticky world for me…. seriously why is everything always sticky?

When I am not at work or at class I spend a large bulk of my free time hanging out with and watching my younger siblings. Both of my host parents work, often leaving the house before I leave for work/class and getting back in the evening. Depending on the day I am getting the kids ready for school, walking them to their schools, entertaining them, cooking meals for them, keeping them from killing each other… you know the drill. So much so I often think to myself “this must be what it’s like to be a mom”. Thus my inspiration to write this blog of all the things I have learned in my first month of being a “mom”.

I have learned that privacy is non existent. I naively thought I could find some privacy at least when I go to the bathroom. I was wrong. The second I close the door – bang, bang, bang. “why you taking so long Eleanor” “Let me in”…. It has been 30 seconds. Can’t a woman pee in peace!

I have learned to not make up my bed. Because every time that I do I come back into my room to 2 giggling humans hiding underneath my covers. Being the good “mom” I am I laugh and pretend to not know who is under the covers for a little before discovering they are there, SURPRISE! but in my head…. grr. This activity is most commonly enjoyed as I am coming back into my room from the shower in a bath towel. Again, what even is privacy?

I have learned that kids view the entire world as a playground. And they do not respond well when you have to tell them a part of the world is not a playground. For example jumping on the kitchen table.

I have learned kids love using the word NO as a response to everything you say, but don’t like it so much when it is said back to them.

I have learned a little bit about what kind of parent I am going to be, and that in fact I already have used so many of the phrases my parents said to me growing up that I thought I may never say. Mom, Dad – I gotta hand it to you, you did a great job!

I have learned kids will literally make a mess out of anything. You could give a child a saltine cracker and by some miracle of God they could manage to get crumbs stuck in their ear. I never knew how many paper towels I could go through in a day until now.

I have learned kids love to help with anything you are doing. I have also learned that their “help” is always the least helpful thing there is but of course they can help.. they’re just too cute!

I have learned that kids cry at anything to get attention or get what they want. My favorite play is when one kid is getting attention for crying so the other one starts crying too to steal back the attention… genius little devils. All they really are after is love and attention.

I have learned the difference between a kid just being a kid and a kid being bad. And how to respond differently to those things.

I have learned that if I make something I like to eat I should eat it in secret or else this is how it plays out everytime.. Kid sees me eating delicious food that I know they won’t like because all they like are chicken nuggets or cheese pizza. Kid asks what I am eating. I describe food in the least appealing way I can think of to kid. Kid wants to try it anyways. I share my food with kid/ get them their own. As suspected, kid doesn’t like food and wastes it i.e. spits food on ground or nibbles around it in a completely irrational way as to make sure nobody can enjoy the part they didn’t eat later on.

Lastly, I have learned to accept these things as normal and find comedy in every situation. I am growing patience and I’m glad I can be here to share in their messy lives with them. At the end of the day I love coming home to little humans jumping up at me, genuinely excited for me to be there. It is a big responsibility having open ears and eyes on you at all times with tiny minds soaking up your every word and action like a sponge. It is also a great opportunity to learn and to teach, and I treasure each day I get to spend with them. Although I am not their mom it is an honor to pretend a little 🙂

Who knew coming on a college Gap Year could be my best preparation for future mom life!! haha




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