Music is Magic


If you don’t want to take the time to read all of this (b/c I know, I’m wordy.. sorry!!) skip down to the last paragraph where I share my favorite uplifting playlist at the moment. It won’t disappoint!

If you are a loyal, dedicated reader…. here we go 🙂

People always say love is the closest thing we have to magic. But I think music is arguably the most magical thing we hold.

Music unites people across the world. It connects strangers across a room. It breaks the barriers of race, gender, age and sexuality. It inspires. It brings hope into a lost situation and rattles life through our bones with each vibration from the bass. It sets you free. It lifts you up and practically forces your body to move to its beat. You’re dancing! It motivates you to keep going, it embraces you with open arms while you morn a loss or  heartbreak. It comforts you as you sit in the dark of your bedroom engulfed in loneliness. It celebrates an accomplishment along side you, it sets the tone for a night out. It holds memories with loved ones just in the opening note of that song that is “your song”. It calms you when you are anxious. It pulls at your heart strings as you lift your hands in worship, singing at the top of your lungs to your Creator. Or as you sit and listen to the voices around you in unison.

Music moves in everyone differently. For me it’s my escape. I have a playlist for every season, every genre, every mood. I can pin point so many times in my life where I’m like “okay yeah, that song got me through this” or “oh my gosh this song immediently reminds me of xyz”. I am that girl blaring her music in the car with the windows down. And no I don’t care who is staring at me while I sing into my water bottle microphone because i’m having the time of my life. I get lost in the song. I just feel so connected to music and the emotion it stirs up in me. And in my few weeks here so far I have noticed how universal it is. Almost everyone can connect through music no matter who we are or where we come from.

I first noticed this at the Made In America music festival last Sunday. All the gap year students went out for it and as I looked around me I got so excited about what was happening there. I had been to events like this before but honestly I never had gone to anything like this even remotely sober. With my new, sober eyes I was so attentive to so many things I never even noticed before. Like the fact that everyone around me had traveled from different states, different countries, were all different races and ages yet we all were jamming out to the same songs having the time of our life. THAT IS SO COOL. I mean think about it, in a crowd of thousands we are all so unique and different, separated and in disagreement over so much but through music we all unite. We all laugh and sing and dance together.

At one point in the festival while Coldplay was performing the entire crowd began singing “Amazing Grace”, just the thousands of voices filling the space. It hit me then. Are we really all so different?

Ever since the festival I have kept an eye out for music uniting humanity just in day to day life and really, it’s everywhere. The homeless man singing “Blessed Assurance” at the top of his lungs on a street corner. The music Wednesdays held in the park each week as people from all over enjoy our lunch and bob our heads along. Singing in church with a room full of Indonesians this past Sunday as they welcomed us to the city. Even the people I see as I ride the subway or walk down the streets with headphones in. Music is universal and truly magical.

I created this playlist when I got to Philly of my favorite songs that have been on repeat since I got here. I titled the playlist “Philly” – you can applaud me on my creativity later. I wanted to share it with anyone reading because it has lifted my spirits and motivated me daily and I want that for you too!!

The first 15 songs are contemporary Christian songs that have really been rocking my soul lately and reminding me of what I am living for every day. The next 14 songs starting with “Church Clap” are CHRISTIAN RAP!!! I know, sounds crazy but please if you are a hip hop/ rap fan take a listen. I promise they are good and as a fellow rap lover it is a huge boost for your heart to still get the same vibe without the constant feed of drugs, sex  & alcohol. I still listen to normal rap too all the time but these songs are just a great break from what the world is constantly hitting us with. I have found these to be my go to for workouts also! The final song is for my Kivu squad… S/O to our Denver family. I miss you guys and wish that we were “Closer” 😉

happy listening! until next week..





One thought on “Music is Magic

  1. Love this! You know I share your passion for music and often feel God speaks to me with a perfectly timed song where ever I am:) And I love where your heart is right now in relation to others. XOXO! Mom


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