Breckenridge, CO

Week 1 and I already feel like I’ve known these people for so long. Landing in the Denver airport Sat. August 20th I had little idea what I was stepping into. I knew I would be heading out on a new adventure. I hoped to get along with at least some of the people here but wasn’t completely expecting to. Almost instantaneously I felt a connection to one girl when we met at the airport, her name is Meredith and she like me just finished her freshman year at Baylor. She also is a Kappa and come to find out we have so much in common above and below the surface. I truly feel like it was a God thing putting us both here.

After loading up the van with all our huge cross your fingers they aren’t more than 50 lbs bags we headed to Breckenridge where we have stayed this first week. It is beautiful here. I forgot how relaxing and amazing the mountains of Colorado are. And lucky for us we get to stay in a big & luxurious lodge style cabin for the week, hot tub and all. Needless to say things went better than I had thought they would upon arrival. Aside from Meredith, I really got along with a lot of the other students and hit things off straight away too. THANK YOU JESUS!!! 14088640_1424231080936757_4142258763006117730_n
We are here in the Colorado Rockies this week mainly to train and prepare for the months ahead but also to build bonds with everyone heading out on this adventure with us and have fun. Between training sessions we have had a lot of time to go explore the town, take hikes, play games, relax and really spend quality time together. My favorite hike we did this week was called “hanging lake” — maybe these pics of the view from the top will explain why it was my favorite!

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

As the week comes to a close I am anxious and excited to be heading to Philadelphia for the next couple months. I will be living alone with a host family in South Philly and working at an internship 3 days a week. The remaining days we will meet for class (Monday & Friday) and then have the weekends free to explore the city. Let’s cross our fingers that I am able to figure out how to use public transportation! Catch ya on the flip side 🙂




2 thoughts on “Breckenridge, CO

  1. Your blog is live!!! I look forward to reading about your experiences this year and I’m so incredibly proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on this year to see where God leads you:) Looks like a fun group will be taking on this journey with you! Love you!!

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  2. Eleanor you are going to do great things, I will be praying for you every step of the way. When you are young and going through life you don’t realize that what you are about to do over the next year will transform the rest of you life. It will be part of your life story and make you a very interesting person set apart from the average person. Embrace every moment, pray through every fear, remember whose you are and remember in the quiet lonely times that you are actually never alone that in those time’s God grows you the most. Be Bold and share you faith with everyone around you. Your relationship with Jesus is what sets you apart from the world. People will be drawn to you not just because of your outer beauty but let it be your inner beauty that the long for. I Love You and I am proud of you. Cant wait to read your bogs

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